Обществените медии в Европа (EBU.ch)

Дискусия за всичко около родните и чуждестранните медии.

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Обществените медии в Европа (EBU.ch)

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Поради липсата на подобна информация от България, ето някои доклади и анализи на EBU (The European Broadcasting Union), свързани с обществените медии.


Audience Trends - Television and Radio

Discover the latest trends in TV and radio audiences. These annual reports present the latest figures for viewing and listening times, reach and PSM market share across Europe.

https://www.ebu.ch/files/live/sites/eb ... ublic.pdf

https://www.ebu.ch/files/live/sites/eb ... blic.pdf

Public Service Media's Competitive Environment

Take a look at the financial performance and business models of the biggest commercial groups making massive inroads into the European audiovisual sector, disturbing the competitive environment across the EBU area.

https://www.ebu.ch/files/live/sites/eb ... blic.pdf

Trust in Media

This report explores the persisting 'trust gap' between traditional and online media. Trust in social networks has constantly declined and is at its lowest since it was first measured in 2014.

https://www.ebu.ch/files/live/sites/eb ... 2021.pdf

Sports on European TV: Maximising Commercial Value

Free-to-air TV channels reach over 800 million Europeans. However, only a third of sports fans have access to premium sport TV channels and an increasing number are unwilling to pay, therefore getting the revenue mix right to ensure reach, engagement and sponsor value is critical.

https://www.ebu.ch/files/live/sites/eb ... 2021.pdf